Chirstmas giveaway

Please follow the steps below to claim your Christmas free mini cam!

1. Search the keyword below on Amazon. You can copy it to avoid typos.

hidden cameras

2. Scroll down to find our new mini camera product link in the search result. It's selling under our new sub-brand "aidowocam".

According to other customers, it should be found on pages 2-6 on PC website. Or pages 1-3 on mobile APP.

3. Copy the new order number you've just placed and send it to us by EMAIL.

We will FULLY REFUND you in 24 hours on working days. Please also tell us which refund methods below you prefer.

  • PayPal business transactions.
  • Bank account transactions.
  • Amazon gift cards.


1. Full refund depoends on ORDER TOTAL. Covering price, tax & shipping fee (continental USA only).

2. Only one free camera (full refund) for each Amazon account. You can invite your friends or familes to get their free camera.

3. Only for orders on the correct new product page.

4. Sometimes it takes 24 hours or more for the order total show up. This usually happens when you are using a credit card for the order. Don't worry. We will refund you once the order total is available.

5. Can't find the product page in your searching result? Please email us.

Thanks for understanding.