Solutions for WiFi connection failure

1. Please check the user manual to make sure you are using the correct APP for the camera.

2. Please check if the WiFi name and password are both correct. Only support 2.4GHz WiFi.

3. Before trying the WiFi connection again, please take your camera and your phone closer to the WiFi router just in case the WiFi is too weak for a connection.

4. Before scanning the QR code during the WiFi connection process, please make sure the camera's light is flashing blue. If it's not the correct status, please reset the camera by the reset button on the back. This is the most likely reason causing the WiFi connection failure.

5. Some WiFi router brands (like Fritz!Box) has both 2.4G and 5G networks under a same WiFi name (SSID) by default. In this case, the connection might failed if the router provide 5G network as priority. Even if you made the connection successfully, the camera might suffer from offline problems at random times.

Please check the link below to make sure your router is set correctly to prevent the problem.

6. If your camera has red light on after scan the QR code, it means the camera successfully get the informaiton from the QR code but failed due to unsuccessful configuration. It's very likely that you've input a wrong WiFi name/password or you are trying to connect it with a 5G network. Please check your WiFi router mangement system to confirm the information.

7. If everything goes well but the connection still fails after scanning the code, please restart your phone and the WiFi router just in case one of them is full of cache. Restart will clear all the unimportant cache inside them.

If all the above suggestions don't work, there is a small chance that the camera is a rare defective. In this case, please request a replacement on Amazon. If Amazon can't give you a brand new replacement, please let us know. Our sales team will handle the request for you.

Besides, we have a short user guide video on YouTube. It will walk you through the whole WiFi connection process.